Transitional Housing Options

Generally speaking, there are three options for transitional housing, regardless of the crime: 1) state operated, 2) faith-based programs or 3) independent boarding houses.

State operated transitional housing, if available (not all states offer this), is generally the last resort option for someone who has nowhere to go and no significant financial support to secure their own housing.  It truly is a “last resort.”  State operated transitional houses are often not significantly different than actually being in prison, staffed with guards and many, many restrictive rules that make it infinitely more difficult for your loved one to attend church, seek employment, etc.

Faith-based programs will have many rules and regulations, some will require various faith related activities, a specific Bible study or church, etc.  The cost, if any, varies.

Independent boarding houses range from $400 – $700 across most of the country.  Rents vary based on the location of the housing and the services offered.  Most are simply houses owned by local landlords who are willing to rent to ex-offenders because they can make more profit by renting rooms individually, especially when some will pack as many people as can possibly fit into one room.  (All of those with whom Hope Prison Ministries works are single or double rooms only.)  Some may offer food and transportation assistance.

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