What to Expect

This page will help you understand What to Expect after someone you love is released from prison.


Most of those being released will require help obtaining one or more pieces of identification (birth certificate, social security card, state ID, DL, etc.).  If the person had an identification card or license that has not expired prior to their incarceration, a birth certificate and social security should be sufficient.  If this will be their first, the state will require another form of identification.

  • CLICK HERE to order a Texas birth certificate online.
  • CLICK HERE to request a replacement Social Security card.
  • CLICK HERE to visit the Texas DPS to find out which documents are required to obtain identification in Texas.


If the person is being released on parole, they will be required to report usually within 24 – 72 hours after release.  It is almost certain the person will spend the first week or more in parole orientation classes.  This will require multiple trips to the parole office.


Almost all parolees will have one or more required classes they must attend, often more than once each week.   Click any of the following to find the classes nearest you:

Alcoholics Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Celebrate Recovery – Faith-based alternative to AA/NA


$100 – obtaining identification
$100 – cell phone and first month’s service
$600 – $800 – deposit and first month’s housing
$400 – first month’s hygiene, supplies and food
$100 – parole and class fees
$60 – $120 – transportation
$1,360 – $1,620

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